Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Neon Tips Nail Art

I did a very simple yet pretty neon french tips using the colors for the Neons by OPI collection!

Check them out!

Neon Tips Nail Art

For my base, I used OPI Don't Touch My Tutu - a very sheer white jelly polish for a healthy looking nail bed, and paint on the tips using stripping tapes and the Neons by OPI polishes.

Thumb - OPI Push & Pur-Pull 
Index - OPI You are So Outta Lime! 
Middle - OPI Juice Bar Hopping 
Ring - OPI Life Gave Me Lemons 
Pinky - OPI Hotter than You Pink

Neon Tips Nail Art

Neon skittles french tips is a good way to use my polishes. I feel guilty that I have so many un-tries!

Polishes Used:
Don't Touch My Tutu
Push & Pur-Pull
You are So Outta Lime!
Juice Bar Hopping
Life Gave Me Lemons
Hotter than You Pink

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Coca Cola Inspired Nail Art

Coca Cola Inspired Nail Art

Today I have a Coca Cola inspired nail art using 3 of the polishes from the collaboration collection between OPI & Coca Cola!

For the base, I used OPI Coca-Cola Red - a beautiful flaming red inspired by the Coca Cola drink itself. The formula for this polish is amazing and opaque in 1 coat. Then again, OPI always get their Reds right.

For my accent finger, I used OPI Orange You Fantastic - a glitter filled sheer orange jelly polish inspired by Orange Fanta. I think it matches well with the red nails and kinda looks like Coca Cola in it's fizzy state. :)

Lastly I added some random dots on the red nails with OPI My Signature Is "DC" as the fizzy gas in the drink. OPI My Signature Is "DC" is a opaque silver foil polish, inspired by Diet Coke and have a super smooth & great formula. But then again, I've never encounter a silver foil with lousy formula so that's to be expected I guess.

What do you think of my Coca Cola inspired nail art? Coca Cola had always been my favourite drink (yes, I am a soft drink person) so I was pretty excited when this collection came out. I'm glad they did not disappoint!

Polishes Used:
OPI Coca-Cola Red
OPI Orange You Fantastic
OPI My Signature Is "DC"