Tuesday, May 22, 2012

China Glaze 'I Herd That' & 'I'm Not Lion'

CG I Herd That (Left), CG I'm Not Lion (Right)

'I Herd That' & 'I'm Not Lion' are the glitters from the new Safari Collection from China Glaze!
Safari collection comprises of mostly earthy cremes which are not bad, if you do not already have something similar. Seriously, we need new colors! In the end I only bought these 2 babies as I already have similar shades for the rest in my stash..

'I Herd That' & 'I'm Not Lion' had a pleasant little surprise for me when I shine my table light on them because.. they have micro holographic glitters in them! The micro holographic glitters are very very fine and really hard to see especially in the shade, and they are sort of like.. I'm there.. I'm not there.. But I still like them!

These photos are taken indoor, with indirect sunlight.

'I Herd That' is filled with gold and copper glitters, and of cos, micro holographic glitters in a clear base. Formula is great, not thick at all. I used 2 coats for the above picture, looks pretty opaque to me but it's hard to tell as I layered this over a silver foil polish.

I compared 'I Herd That' with CG 'Fireside Glow' by the bottle and they are not dupes. "Fireside Glow' is more brown and darker, while 'I Herd That' is more gold and lighter.

'I'm Not Lion' is filled with light brass gold and silver glitters, and micro holographic glitters in clear base. Formula is the same as 'I Herd That', smooth and easy to apply. 2 coats for the above layered over a silver foil as well.

The holographic glitters is more obvious in the bottle for 'I'm Not Lion', but actually shows up more for 'I Herd That' on the nails!

Love these 2 shades that I got, meh.. for the rest. Dont need them. I also have a nail art post scheduled next, so stay tuned!


Polishes Used:
China Glaze I Herd That
China Glaze I'm Not Lion

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