Sunday, January 26, 2014

Nail Art Neon Studs

Nail Art Neon Studs

So I just got some neon nail art studs from and this is me trying them out!

Nail Art Neon Studs

These neon studs comes in 6 colors, with both square & circle studs for each colors. The circle studs are smaller than I thought (they were 2mm each) but they were actually just right for me as my nails are reallly small.

To stick the studs on, I applied a coat of top coat over my base color (which is China Glaze Aquadelic btw), and quickly arrange the studs on my nails before the top coat dries. I was afraid that the studs will fall off easily so I decided to apply another coat of top coat over everything again.

Luckily they still looked nice with a glossy finish. Unfortunately my top coat was turning gooey and there was a ton of bubbles. :(

Here's how it looked before the top coat!

Nail Art Neon Studs

Polishes Used: 
China Glaze Aquadelic

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