Monday, April 30, 2012

Princess Tears

Today on my nails I have Princess Tears from A England! I got some of the A England Holographics awhile back from my colleagues for my birthday and this is the first time I'm using them!

Princess Tears is a silvery lilac holographic polish from A England's The Legend collection. Initially I thought the A England holographic polishes are all scattered holos, but Princess Tears is actually quite linear! The formula for my bottle is on the thick side and not as easy to apply.. pretty different from what I'm seeing online so I guess it might be just my bottle? :(

I added this really unique lace sticker over my Princess Tears as you know.. I like to spice things up a little, but it ended up looking a little cheap in the photo. I assure you, it looks amazing in real life. Cameras are just irritating at times for picking up too much details.

Hope you like my version of Princess Tears.. A funky Princess with zebra print lace! :)

Polish Used:
A England Princess Tears


  1. oh i love it!! :) your co-workers are awesome for getting such a great gift! love the stickers too!

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