Sunday, July 29, 2012

Swatch: OPI Danke-Shiny Red

Today I have a swatch post on OPI's Danke-Shiny Red!

Danke-Shiny Red is gorgeous red with sparkly red micro-shimmers from OPI's Germany collection, which I believe can be described as frost finish?

Frost finish polishes usually leaves brush stroke marks and this polish does too, but not obvious. I usually can't stand brush strokes but this is acceptable to me because you really can't see it unless you look very very closely.

Application is fantastic for this polish! It's super smooth and very easy to apply, I used 2 coats for this swatch!

I only had this on for a while for photo taking, but I noticed hints of staining when I removed it, so I advise maybe a double coat of base coat before putting this polish on.

A close-up on the micro-shimmers!

I love this color! It's not like any of the reds I have, so I'm really glad I picked it up. What about you? :)

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