Friday, March 22, 2013

Ruffian Nails!

Today I tried doing Ruffian nails design and it's surprisingly much easier than I expected!

I was super satisfied with the colours I chose for this manicure as well, which are OPI My Private Jet and OPI Gwen-ever. OPI Gwen-ever appeared too orange in the photo though.. It's much more coral in real life, but this is probably the first time my hands doesnt look too yellow in photo with an orange polish on. :)

The colours are contrasting and looked so sophisticated! In love with it~

I think I'm now very much encouraged by the success of this manicure.. Will be trying out more designs soon!

Polishes Used:
OPI My Private Jet
OPI Gwen-ever


  1. Your naildesign is more than beautiful! I love the color and the sparkling details)
    Hope you visit me on my blog