Sunday, August 24, 2014

Orange themed nails!

Hello ladies! Today I have a set of Orange themed nails for you!

Orange themed nails

I had been doing a lot nail art designs with 1 nail accent and thought I'll try doing all different designs on each of my nails this time! What do you think?

I used a total of 3 Orange shades for this set of nail art.

Orange themed nails

Thumb + Pinky Fingers: China Glaze Sun Of a Peach
Index Ring Fingers:  China Glaze White On White & China Glaze Stoked To Be Soaked
Middle Finger: Color Club Orange Crush

Initially I only wanted to use 2 shades of Orange which are Sun Of A Peach and Orange Crush, before I realize that Sun Of A Peach is much too bright and doesn't match well with Orange Crush. So I thought I'll add in a medium shade and make it like an ombre towards the middle finger.

Here's a close-up on Color Club Orange Crush:

Color Club Orange Crush

Color Club Orange Crush is a mix of pale Orange, Pink and Yellow matte glitters in a clear base. The polish can be used on it's own or over a base color, but I think I prefer it on it's own like this cos it shows the color of the polish better. :)

Orange themed nails

Here's a last pic just to show off the beautiful colors! I'm kind of loving these color themed nails, do you think I should do more of them?

Polishes Used:
Color Club Orange Crush
China Glaze Sun Of A Peach
China Glaze Stoked To Be Soaked
China Glaze White On White