Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Where to buy Nail Polish Online in Singapore

Hi Ladies, please excuse me for a short commercial break in between the nail art & swatch pictures. :)

I sometimes get the question of 'where I get my nail polishes' from some of my readers in Singapore & Malaysia, so I figured I'll answer this in a blog post and pin it somewhere. :)

Where to buy Nail Polish Online in Singapore

Most of the nail polishes featured in my blog can be purchased on PolishAlley.com - of cos, unless that nail polish is out of stock etc.. You know what I mean.

PolishAlley is an online nail polish store carrying popular brands such as OPI, China Glaze, Color Club and some others. It is based in Singapore with international shipping to most parts of the world. However I need to warn you that shipping prices might be steep if you are not located in Singapore or Malaysia (Malaysia Shipping rates here).

Nail Polish Price List in SGD

OPI nail lacquer - Average SGD10 each
China Glaze nail lacquer - Average SGD8 each (Ongoing promo for $4 off with 3 bottles purchased)
Color Club nail lacquer - Average SGD8.50 each
Color Club Halo Hues - SGD13 each
Seche Vite Top Coat - SGD10 each
Poshe Top / Base Coat - SGD10 each

PolishAlley also sell some nail art accessories and tools, but you will have to check out the price yourself here: http://polishalley.com/26-nail-art

Okay! That's all from me today. I'll blog again on my next nail art manicure soon! :)


  1. Sometimes shipping to Scotland is very high from certain places - so I end up paying more than the polish is worth! I guess if I really want it I cannot moan lol ;-)

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