Monday, September 29, 2014

Stained Glass Nail Art

Hi Ladies!

Today I have a nail art inspired by stained glass!

For my nail art today, I stamped on the black lines with Bundle Monster plate BM-208, and dapped on the colors using all four of the OPI Sheer tints.

The OPI sheer tints is definitely one of the best thing that OPI came up with. You can do so many different designs with them! Check out an Easter nail art that I did previously, and this. They're perfect for stained glass nails!

The sheer tints are really sheer so you dont have to worry about overlapping the colors. In fact, overlapping them actually came out with some really nice colors like the greens..

Anyway, my Seche Vite is bubbling like crazy now but that actually makes the stained glass look more realistic.. LOL..

That's all for today, I'm kinda dry on nail art ideas now so I might just do something simple and basic next. :)

Polishes Used: 
OPI Don’t Violet Me Down
OPI I Can Teal You Like Me
OPI Be Magentale with Me
OPI I’m Never Amberrassed


  1. This looks so cool! I really like it :-)

    I've got the Sheer Tints but still unsure what to do! I might get around to using one or two soon! :-)

    1. You should! The sheer tints are great for layering over normal polish to create a different shade too!

  2. Those look amazing!
    I bought the mini Tints ages ago, but I still haven't got a clue on what to do with them! :D

    1. Thanks! you should try out the sheer tints soon! They are actually fantastic!