Thursday, March 29, 2012

Model's Own Indian Ocean

Today's post is on Indian Ocean - one of the three Model's Own newly released Beetle Juices!

This is a very pretty shimmery blue that shines a purple-pink sheen under light! Formula is fine, but the polish is very very sheer. For this manicure, I applied 4 coats but there's still VNL. I would probably try it over a white base the next time I use it.

Have you gotten the new colours from the Beetle Juice collection? Which colour do you like best?

Polishes Used:
Model's Own Indian Ocean


  1. Where to get this in Singapore?

  2. Hi! This 1 is not sold in Singapore. You can get them at their official website :)

  3. omg this is gorgeous :) btw I'm a fellow singaporean too! its great to see so many of us with nail polish blogs

    1. Yah! I'm seeing more of us around too! Nice to meet you! Always happy to see another fellow Singaporean! :)