Saturday, March 10, 2012

Nail Polish Rings!

I have something exciting to share today! This is really my latest most favourite thing now! Today I'm going to share about.. tadah! Nail Polish Rings!

Nail polish rings are essentially handmade rings made using glass cabochons and of course, nail polishes! They are really unique and the possibilities are endless!

I have wanted to make these jewelries for quite some time already but I couldnt get the materials I want locally so this project was delayed for quite a while. I also wanted to get a ring setting that will protect the nail polish as we all know, nail polish chips even with top coat so I really wanted to get a ring setting that seals everything in.

I cant wait to share what I have done so far! These patterns/designs are all thought up by me! All of them are layering polishes so far, using about 2-3 different polishes layered to create these effects. I really love them to bits!

This is my 1st polish ring, created based on criteria listed by my BFF! Glass is not glued yet so dont mind the empty space there.

Blurred to show the glitter awesome-ness~!

For this I wanted to create something Merry Midnight/Fowl Play like. The colour is actually more purple than blue in real life.

Like the galaxy~~~

This is another one based on another of my BFF's criteria, but there will be something more for her's which I will not say what yet. Can you see the flakies in it?!

The white frost on the glass is just light reflected from the lamp. Not present in actual ring.

Blurred to show the burst of colors!

This 1.. I think I was inspired by some rings I saw online. haha! Photo doesnt do it justice!

Blurred to show.. Holo glitters! See! I told you the above photos doesnt do it justice!

For girls located in Singapore, these rings are currently been sold now on!

Each ring is S$6 each including free normal postage. They are all 17mm in diameter and with copper ring setting & adjustable ring sizes! You might want to measure your finger and see if you can accept the size cos some people might find it too small.

These rings are splash-proof but not recommended for you wear in the shower or to swimming!

I simply love make these.. definitely going to make more! Do you like them like I do?!

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