Sunday, August 26, 2012

Swatch: China Glaze Hello Gorgeous

Hey ladies! I have another glitter swatch post today and it's China Glaze Hello Gorgeous! Very appropriate, don't you think so?

Hello Gorgeous! is one of the two glitter polishes in China Glaze's 2012 Breast Cancer Awareness collection - United In Purpose.

Hello Gorgeous! is a mixture of a few colours of small fine glitters, mainly baby pink, light gold and holographic glitters in a clear base. It is very similar to 'I'm Not Lion' from the Safari collection, just changing the champagne glitters to baby pink.

The other glitter in the collection - United, is very similar to Hello Gorgeous! except that it's about a shade darker.

In direct sunlight. Formula for this polish very good, it's smooth to apply and gives complete coverage in 2 coats. It'll be the type of glitter that covers the base completely rather than a layering glitter.

Hello Gorgeous! also dries matte and still have the grainy feel after 1 coat of Seche Vite. At least 2 coats of top coat is needed for smooth and shiny look.

I was lucky to be able to catch the sun while I have this polish on, or I will usually take indoor artificial light photos. :)

Last but not least, the sparkly holo glitters!

My verdict for this polish is - It gorgeous, it's BABY PINK and it sparkles. Definitely must have! :)


  1. Beautiful!!!
    and I love the breast cancer awareness aspect too :)