Saturday, February 9, 2013

China Glaze Texture Collection 2013

Another swatch post today! Today I have the China Glaze Texture collection!

The texture collection is pretty interesting, many people thinks that it would be like the OPI's sands, but they're actually quite different! The finish for the textured collection is actually glossy and doesn't need top coat at all. It looks exactly like those textured walls IMO.

Even though the colours are rather opaque, would advise at least 2 or more coats for the 'texture' to be more evenly applied across the nail.

China Glaze Of Coarse! is a beautiful bright blue

China Glaze Bump & Grind is a hot pink redish colour. This is really bright and beautiful too!

China Glaze In The Rough is a lime coloured textured polish. Actual colour looks more yellow IRL.

China Glaze Unrefined is a bright barbie doll pink textured polish!

China Glaze Itty, Bitty, Gritty is a melon/coral colour textured polish. This is probably my favourite of the collection, both name and colour-wise. :)

China Glaze Toe-Tally Textured is a bright orange textured polish. The colour is actually quite nice, but Orange really doesn't suit me. :( it makes my skin looks so yellow!

Just a short simple post today.. So what do you think? Is the Textured collection a yay or a nay for you?


  1. I think it's a nay for me. The colors are vivid and they definitely nailed the concept, but this kind of texture is not for me, I think. Great swatches, you can see the detail of the textures perfectly!

  2. i'm not crazy about the fact that they are glossy, but do you think i could add a matte top coat and it would be okay? i do love them though. i NEED the green and orange.

  3. I'm not crazy about them for my hands, but think it would be fun summer pedi, like in the display photo. Love the coral color, and surprisingly the lime too.

  4. Itty, Bitty, Gritty is my favourite too. Probably I'll buy it.